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What Is Interaction

Interaction Tracker is a call-based, end-to-end reporting product. Interaction Tracker monitors the data associated with the call and allows to record and monitor the changes in call data.
By this way, it collects all kinds of details of all incoming and outgoing calls controlled by CTI on a call basis. It continues to monitor and record uninterruptedly, without the need for a restart, in case of configuration changes such as adding or deleting new objects to the system.
About Interactıon Tracker
About Interactıon Tracker


• It monitors each call from the beginning to the end and identifies all the situations in this process and records the time spent (queue time, hold time, ringing, speaking, transfer, conference, IVR, etc.).

• It works with UCS’s Reporting Suite and provides users easy and flexible reporting opportunities.

• It records ACW time, which is critical for the production of outsourcing companies, on a call basis.

• Maintains IVR reporting.

• It also records the conversations of office workers who do not log in to CTI as a CDR.

• The call records additional data and changes.

• It records all status changes during the working hours of the customer representatives.

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