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What is UCMS Outbound Agent?

UCMS Outbound Agent; It is a campaign management tool that provides integration between CRM and call center outbound communication infrastructure.

What will you gain with UCMS?

Thanks to UCMS, you can easily acquire features that will increase the efficiency of outbound operations.

About UCMS Outbound Agent
About UCMS Outbound Agent
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Increment on Sales

About UCMS Outbound Agent
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Save your time
on Campaign release

About UCMS Outbound Agent
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Improvement on Customer Reach Rate


• Agent screens and workflow are prepared by business unit users and no software development is required.

• Updates to campaign flows are provided and deployed by business unit users. There is no need to wait for the deployment time.

• Web services to be provided by information technologies can be used repeatedly in different campaign flows.

About UCMS Outbound Agent
About UCMS Outbound Agent


• Instant agent script flow and screen design advantage is provided with the drag-and-drop flow design tool.

• The list can be uploaded to the campaign within minutes.

• Flexible call scenarios can be determined with customer call limits, calling rules by result code and SMS / E-mail notifications.

• Multiple offers for more than one product belonging to the same customer can be submitted in a single call.


• Accurate customer contact is ensured by cross-blacklisting application based on campaign, customer and phone number.

• List and scenario-based pre/post call, information is provided. By sending SMS, customers can be informed to increase the reach rate.

• In automatically dialed campaigns, customer representatives’ break outs are managed according to the queue status in order to reduce the missed call rate.

Advanced Search rules:

o Pre-call verification
o Governmental Communication Permission Check Integration
o Regional call interruption in case of disaster
o Setting call and contact limits
o DNIS number scenarios

About UCMS Outbound Agent
About UCMS Outbound Agent


• With the management of outsource companies from a single platform; data security, central monitoring and reporting are provided.

• Common outbound call lists are searched within the institution calling rules.

• Efficiency increase is achieved by creating competition on equal terms between the common monitoring platform and outsourcing companies.

• Reporting and monitoring is done in terms of Company, Location, Supervisor, Team Leader, Customer Representative.


• Automation process from loading to calling for scheduled job descriptions and call lists

• Screen automation that leaves minimum initiative to customer representatives in preview campaigns

About UCMS Outbound Agent
About UCMS Outbound Agent


• Thanks to the conditional flow design, the operation screens change according to the answers of the customer representatives and the need to train the customer representatives on the document before the campaign is reduced.

• Agents can work through the flow preview screens before making the call.

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