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What is Visual IVR?

Visual IVR is the way to get the information that you cannot get verbally from your customers in the shortest and most accurate way, and to use time and personnel costs in the most ideal way, creating customer satisfaction.

Regarding the actual surveys, it is understood that reviving the emotions experienced by showing visual images to customers greatly contributes to obtaining the right results. In all technological products developed, ways to interact with customers are sought through visual uses.

Visual IVR communicates with the systems via web services and quickly presents the information to the customer with options by querying the information received from the systems.

About Visual IVR

With Visual IVR;

• When you conduct product satisfaction surveys, you can show the customer the detailed information of the product and get detailed answers by choosing the answers you want to receive or by using Text Entry Fields.

• By breaking the customer’s first anger like a breakwater on complex issues such as product complaints, you can show information such as serial number and barcode code, which must be obtained for product details, by giving visual clues, without waiting in queues to reach customer representatives. You can increase your FCR rate by asking the customer if he has tried any preliminary solutions for his complaint, and by providing a solution at the first contact. After providing this information, the customer can create a complaint record without connecting to the representative and, if he wishes, can connect to the representative with the information transferred through the services.

• In cases where ticket sales/reservation/payment by credit card is required, you can show your customer the vacant places and enable them to make a selection and make the payment with the information they choose, without connecting to the customer representative. In case of a problem, you can transfer the problem code and similar technical information to the customer representative as a voice call without waiting for the customer to transmit it.

• You can go beyond  your competitors by using visual technology in your campaign calls. In the voice campaign call, you can show the customer a lot of information that you expect the customer to give, after collecting this information from the customer, you can participate in the campaign without connecting to the representative, or you can transfer the information received/given from the point you want to the representative with the history.

• With these methods, you can increase the customer’s participation rate in the ourbound campaign with the unique visuals you use and show the customer, and you can present a unique customer experience by transferring the interview that starts with the Visual IVR to the customer representative, if necessary, with the information selected or entered by the customer. In Visual IVR, you can integrate with in-house systems with web service and use ASR and TTS integrations.

Vısual IVR;

• saves time,
• reduces your personnel cost,
• Increases customer satisfaction,
• affects your SL ratio,
• enables you to get ahead of your competitors technologically,
• allows you to receive information from your customer that you cannot obtain through voice key systems.

About Visual IVR

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