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What is FISSCOS?

FISSCOS solution; In cases where field personnel need to come into contact with the customer, it ensures that communication takes place within the framework of corporate rules and quality. With the number confidentiality feature of FISSCOS, the customer and field personnel can communicate with each other whenever needed, without accessing each other’s contact information. In case they cannot reach each other, they can leave a voice message. All conversations are recorded with a voice recording system and you can improve the communication between your customer and your field personnel with quality processes. With the sound analysis solution, you can analyze all the conversations and report the customer demands and the solutions offered by the staff in your quality evaluation processes in a much easier and more efficient way.

With the reporting data we collect on a call-based basis, you can analyze which customer, which personnel, how often and for how long.

FISSCOS Solution
FISSCOS Solution

What Can FISSCOS Do?

With the FISSCOS solution, you can ensure that your customers come together with your personnel only on current orders, requests and similar issues, and in other cases, you can route the communication requests to alternative communication channels of your institution. Thus, you can prevent irrelevant transactions and requests that can be made towards your customers and personnel.

By integrating our FISSCOS solution with the mobile applications of your field personnel:

• You can initiate a call to your customer with a single click by facilitating your call processes over GSM,
• You can make your calls over the internet and save on line costs.

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