UCS Turkey

We Are Building Teams That Will Make Your Work Perfect While Lightening Your Load!

You focus on your own business and leave the rest to us! Resource support that guarantees the success of your projects is from us. If you want, we can set up teams if you want one person. We find the best qualified and technically equipped resources that are exactly what you need and complete your team. In this way, we minimize your HR processes by eliminating the costs of finding the appropriate source, training and placement. We adapt quickly to your structure, work as part of your team and empower you!

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Tem Adaptivity

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Project Success

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Cost Advantage

Why should you get Outsourcing Support from UCS?

You can give your full attention to your core business,

You can guarantee the success of your projects
You can control your project and operating costs,

You can reduce your costs by hiring instead of investing in human resources, and you can direct the budget you will use here to your investment.

With the expert knowledge and experience we will provide, you can ensure the productivity, efficiency and continuity of your business,

Thanks to UCS, you can constantly access advanced technology,

Since all these expenses will be seen as operational expenses on your balance sheet, you can deduct them from income tax.


You will always find a corporate interlocutor, and if necessary, you can ask for the source to be changed. Thus, you can provide an uninterrupted expert resource support,

You can get rid of long HR processes such as finding, selecting and training suitable human resources,

You can be as flexible as you want in your capacity planning, and you can grow or shrink your team in a controlled way.

You don’t have to deal with the technical needs and training of the resource.

Let's create together the most
suitable outsourcing model for you.