UCS Turkey

We bring you the best technically excellent and highly competent resources that perfectly complement and develop your team. While minimizing your human resources and time costs, we provide superior technological service and productivity increase. We produce end-to-end solutions for all your information technology needs.
From process analysis to project management, from design, software and integration stages to project delivery, we work for your success as part of your team, with all our experts.

We are with you to be your reliable companion with our expert software staff with a quarter-century of knowledge and Genesys certified technical staff.

Profesyonel Hizmetler

Technical Support Consultancy

Do you want to strengthen your IT infrastructure and increase our productivity? We promise to provide you with uninterrupted technological service!

Profesyonel Hizmetler

How do we do this?
• We analyze your needs very well.
• In order to offer the best solution, we plan according to your needs together with our experienced project managers, software architects and Genesys team.
• We implement our solutions in cooperation with your technical teams.
• With our post-commissioning monitoring and support processes, we ensure that your requests are transferred to production in a healthy way.

On Which Subjects Can You Get Consultancy From Our Experts?
• Setup,
• Configuration,
• System optimization,
• System architecture analysis

Software Consultancy

Are you looking for customized software and integration solutions suitable for your corporate processes and architecture? With the care of a tailor, we offer solutions that meet your needs from end to end.

How do we do this?
• We analyze your needs very well.
• We evaluate the most appropriate technique and the most up-to-date technologies with our application architects in order to realize the required process.
• We ensure that the solution comes to life in the most efficient way by producing outputs at regular intervals with our agile project management approach.

On Which Subjects Can You Get Consultancy From Our Experts?
• Integration with many systems such as CRM, ERP etc.
• Web applications
• Service layer improvements
• Monitoring and reporting solutions

Profesyonel Hizmetler

You can get advice
from our experts.