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Reporting Suite

Being able to accurately compare the data from the past with the data of the day in your operations helps to make instant strategic decisions more accurately and increases efficiency.

Reporting Suite is a front-end program that collects data from many in-house sources and displays it based on authorization. It provides flexible reporting that can be configured according to needs.

With this product, you can have a much more detailed insight into the operation by combining the intraday data of your call center with data from other external sources.

Reportıng Suıt

What Can ReportIng SuIte Do?

It enables to prepare flexible and dynamic reports over Stored Procedures. In your report, you can shape the data sets that will be designed and created in line with the demands of the business unit, with the pivot tables of the Reporting Suite. You can save your report drafts that you created on Pivot to be able to generate reports with the same criteria later. It also minimizes the development time required for each report needed.

Reportıng Suıt
Reportıng Suıt

Thanks to the Genesys authorization integration, all your reports can be produced in accordance with the authorization on the basis of data. Thus, team leaders who manage different teams in different operations with the same report template can only access the data of the operation for which they are authorized.

If you wish, you can export your reports as Excel, PDF or HTML and send them to certain groups on a regular basis. You can download especially large reports in csv format with the smallest possible file size.

Reportıng Suıt

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