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What is UCP?

Do you know that you can easily communicate applications developed with different technologies in your organization with each other? With the Unified Communication Platform developed by UCS, you can enable your applications developed with .Net, Java and web technologies to be integrated with each other via instant messaging over a special protocol.

You don’t need to write hundreds of web-services to integrate your applications or perform service cleanups in middle layers every year. Try communicating your applications instead of integrating web-services.

Thanks to UCP, you can quickly integrate your CRM application with your switchboard applications and your HR applications with your corporate operation applications.

Thanks to UCP, which is a communication platform between your applications, your other applications that are integrated with the updates in your end applications are not affected, so you can take business continuity to the next level.


It allows you to add phone functions for call center integration to your CRM application. Your employees are on the front of the CRM; It can answer, forward or hold incoming calls, start and stop voice recording, control its microphone. Or maybe they can just Click-To-Call.


For your ERP application, you can create small Dashboards with instant data from external systems and collect data from many external systems at the same time with a single protocol with instant queries.

It allows your newly recruited employees to be instantly identified to the systems in your organization. It ensures that user definitions are created in all related systems as soon as you log in to your HR system.


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