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What Is Video Contact Center?

In today’s surveys, it has been understood that by showing visual images to customers, reviving the emotions experienced greatly contributes to obtaining the right results. All technological products are looking for ways to interact with customers through visual uses.

Contact centers have also become a part of visual communication. The Video Contact Center solution offered by UCS will enable you to contact your customers more effectively with its redundant and scalable infrastructure, image quality and integrated channel management.

Vıdeo Contact Center
Vıdeo Contact Center


You can easily perform your KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, which is the most up-to-date trend of the finance industry, with the UCS Video Contact Center solution. During the video call, you can both recognize your customer correctly and observe that the authorized personnel represent your company in accordance with your information security policies.

After your customer has applied through the mobile application or website, they can start the Digital Customer Acquisition Process by transferring them to the call center screens. With an average time of 30 minutes, you can gain customers without going to any center/branch.

You can verify your customer with biometric verification technologies and access your customer’s identity information with NFC and OCR solutions.


Be by your customer’s side in case of damage! In case of minor damages and emergency calls, you can instantly detect the situation and document the damage situation by making a video call with your customer.

Your video contact center representatives can record the event with high resolution photos and transfer them to your company archive.

With document sharing and digital signature, you can get instant approval from your customers and complete your processes quickly.

Vıdeo Contact Center
Vıdeo Contact Center

Tele Medicine

Do not limit your healthcare services to the walls of your institution. You can bring your patients together with experts at any time. With video calls, you can offer the following services quickly and effectively.

  • Preventive Health Services
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Aged Care Services
  • Control Inspections

Remote Support Services

You can save on the transportation costs of your field personnel. You can have your customer perform the first level fault detection and intervention operations remotely. You can both direct your field personnel to jobs that require real expertise, and increase their satisfaction by offering quick solutions to your customers. You can support and guide your customers with remote drawing and marking technology.

Vıdeo Contact Center

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