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What Is IonU?

One of the most critical issues of remote working for contact centers is information security. You must ensure that the scope of information security you have committed to your customers is provided.

With IonU developed by UCS, you can observe your contact center employees during operation. You can record the environment and transactions of the customer representative by activating web cam recording  during an active call.

What Is IonU Vıdeo Recorder?
What Is IonU Vıdeo Recorder?


• With IonU’s advanced band usage technology, you can collect and monitor all records in the center without saturating the employee’s internet connection and without causing any interruptions.

• IonU, which stores webcam recordings associated with call and customer data, allows you to access the relevant call recording as soon as possible.

• If you wish, you can use your storage more efficiently with random recording.

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